Vanessa Ruiz


The Explosive Anatomical Infographics of Pedro Henrique Ferreira+

    São Paulo based illustrator Pedro Henrique Ferreira brings the most explosive energy to what could otherwise be a standard infographic....

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Jessica Burke’s Dressed Up Bones+

There’s something special about someone who takes studying the figure or the skeleton to a whole new level. Jessica Burke is...

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Michael Reedy – Dust & Moonshine+

    I mentioned the brilliant and complex anatomical art of Michael Reedy in the past and recently featured him in...

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Asma Javeri 101 bpm+

   Pakistan based artist Asma Javeri has an ongoing miniature print series called 101bpm featuring an anatomical heart reflected as...

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ANATOMY in the STREETS – Roundup 3+

The past few months have been full of incredible anatomical street art. So much so that it’s been difficult to...

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Anatomy Vessels by Zhivko Terziivanov+

Bulgarian 3D illustrator, Zhivko Terziivanov creates delightful renderings infused with anatomy. I only wish these were real models! View all of his...

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Pseudo-Mysticism of Lexi Ames+

A student of biology and studio art, Lexi Ames says that “Art and science share a paramouric existence in my...

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Tutorial: Quickly Render Bone Cross Sections in Photoshop+

There are abundant resources on the web for learning how to do pretty much anything. Yet tutorials on medical illustration are...

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Inspired by Tibetan Thangkas+

Tibetan thangka’s inspired New York city based illustrator Kevin Hong to create his own anatomical charts. Thangkas, especially anatomical thangkas,...

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Supervenus – An Anatomical Journey Through Perfection+

Supervenus is a humorous, if not tragic, view into contemporary female beauty standards. Experimental filmmaker, Frederic Doazan and sound editor, Vandy Roc created...

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Melis Buyruk – Anatomy Served+

Melis Buyruk crafts anatomical forms in ceramic some of which are featured on plates and embellished with insects and flowers. She uses ceramic,...

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Marwane Pallas – Doctrine of Signatures+

Marwane Pallas is a self-taught French photographer whose work mostly consists of self-portraits. His Doctrine of Signatures series is based...

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Candy Anatomy, a Story of Sweet Success!+

A 2nd year medical student at Glasgow University, Mike McCormick, has taken a sweet way to depict anatomy. What started...

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ANATOMY in the STREETS – Roundup 2+

Alex Diaz A native of Puerto Rico, Alexis Diaz creates huge detailed murals of phantasmagoric animals and anatomy. Follow Alex Diaz on...

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A Curious Bestiary+

Melbourne based artist Kaitlin Beckett creates chimerical creatures who often harness anatomical, medical and musical elements. Kaitlin uses a variety...

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