Linton Meagher Coy

Coy, 2011. Oil on surgical scalpel blades in resin on perspex. 64 x 82cm.

A medical practitioner and visual artist, Linton Meagher puts medicine directly into his art by using objects such as pills, scalpels, and even silicon breast implants as his medium of choice. His work is beautiful and fluid from far, but up close it’s hard not to wince at the hundreds of sharp scalpel blades that make up his canvas.

Medical objects are both beautiful in their ability to heal and chilling with the potential for misuse. Either way, they certainly make for an interesting art medium.

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Resculpted, 2007. Oil on scalpel blades in resin on perspex. 64 x 82cm.

The Kiss, 2005. Oil on pills cast in fibreglass on perspex. 140 x 96

Pop it, 2004. Oil on tablets cast in fiberglass on board. 39 x 55cm.

Linton Meagher Lifesaver

Lifesaver, 2013. Surf lifesaving caps in resin on Perspex. 61 x 60cm.

Linton Meagher Jellyfish_Pair_Implants

Translucent Jellyfish, 2013. Clear silicone breast implant, plastic and packaging plastic cast in resin on Perspex. 60 x 40cm.


[Originally published on 10/22/2008. Updated on 12/7/2017]