May, 2015


Emilio Garcia’s Graphite Brain Heart+

Emilio Garcia never ceases to amaze me with his continuing iterations and mashups of, his now iconic, human brain sculptures....

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Monica Ong’s CT Scan Poem+

Monica Ong is a visual artist and poet who combines powerful imagery, often medically related, with words that speak out...

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Raluca Bararu’s Vivisections of Cruelty+

Bucharest based Art Director and Illustrator Raluca Bararu created these surreal “vivisections of cruelty.” With a fascination with monsters and the grotesque,...

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Vero Navarro’s Hipster Bones+

Madrid based illustrator, Vero Navarro is a colored pencil master. She skillfully combines colored pencil with digital techniques. Her illustrations are delightful...

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Jamy van Zyl’s Rebirth+

   Stunning piece by University of Johannesburg student Jamy van Zyl, created using ballpoint pen, marker and Washi.  “My work explores cybernetic...

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