Gifts for your femme fatale suggestions by Street Anatomy

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, I thought I’d share some of the daringly beautiful pieces I’ve found.

  1. This Michelle Chang ring being sold by Hannah Zakari is so simply beautiful. The site has a collection of her pieces, bracelets, earrings, etc with this minimalistic skull adorning them all. Gold and silver, depending on your taste. Ring- £150.00
  2. This tshirt comes from As The Music Dies, and frankly, I have no idea what they do. I think it’s a tshirt company? Based on my internet stalking, I think I’m right, even if they never come out and say as such. ANYWAY, they make awesome shirts and tanks for men and women. $32
  3. Who wouldn’t want to carry around a zombie leg? Well, me (because I’m terrified of zombies, remember? I know, I know) but for the rest of you sane people out there, this may be the bag for you. Price varies.
  4. Another option that would be a nice change from the basic black T. You know who you are. It’s a nice change from the plethora of skull Ts out there. Nice job, Urban Outfitters. $38
  5. For the more elegant of us, you might try a pair of skull heels. The platform helps make the balancing so much easier. Plus- every lady needs a pair of hot red heels. £75