Street Anatomy gifts for the kitchen

Sing it with me now—It’s that time of year, when the world falls in love…with anatomy!

Okay, maybe it’s not that time of the year. But anyway, it is a gift giving season and Street Anatomy readers shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Here’s a few intriguing items for the chef/entertainer/anatomist in your life.

  1. Sugar cubes created by Etsy artist DemBones would add a treat to a special occasion. I can only imagine what it looks like as they melt into a drink. Grab a bag for the tea enthusiast in your life. $10/bag
  2. Feeling dirty? Clean off with these carefully molded brain soaps by Etsy company KcSoapsNmore. A range of lovely soaps fill the site, but of course I was drawn to these. I also spotted some soap in the shape of molars, but they were sold out. $4.50
  3. Intrigue guests with this Skull & Bones tray. There’s nothing like munching on hors d’oeuvres from a fun plate. $28
  4. I LOVE the name for these: GingerDead Man cookie cutters. Fred Flare never disappoints, and these cookies would be amazing any time of the year. The cookie cutter impresses the skeleton into the dough, making the 5″ skeletons. J’dore! $9
  5. To put a classic twist on an everyday object, pick up this cutting board. Called the “Bad Husband Board” it’s meant to get out some anger. I, however, think I would pretend to do some out-of-class dissection. Cooking has never been so gory! $19