Hannah Stouffer is extremely talented and detail oriented, as the samples show above. Her work can be seen all over (just check out her client gallery) and is chock-full of awesome anatomical illustrations.

“Los Angeles-based illustrator Hannah Stouffer finds a great deal of comfort in imagery- it’s an admiration that is often times overwhelming. With an infatuation for icons and images that reflect and categorize historical eras, genres and subcultures, her work is an opulent, elegant and beautifully intricate mixture of illustration and design. Her densely-packed compositions consciously recall classical elements from our past and combine them with our modern attractions, creating cohesive yet opposing array’s of imagery and embellishment. She focuses on the contrasts between periods in time, subcultures and social trends – and merges them together with a high regard for traditional decoration.”

[via FFFFound via booooooom]