Unconventional Laboratory Technique, originally uploaded by Surfactant. Graduated cylinder inserted into the rectum.

Listed under Oddee’s 10 Most Bizarre Scientific Papers is a paper on Rectal foreign bodies: case reports and a comprehensive review of the world’s literature.

From the abstract:

The large volume of prior literature on this subject is reviewed, with tabulation of 182 previous cases by type and number of objects recovered and with a discussion of patients’ age distribution, history, complications, and prognosis. Management problems addressed include history, differential diagnosis of reported pruritis ani, and handling of suspected assault. The variety of surgical techniques used to remove rectal foreign bodies transanally or after celiotomy is discussed.

The phenomenon shouldn’t be so surprising. In fact doing a PubMed search of “rectal foreign bodies” comes up with 260 articles and 20 reviews.

Here are some of the more interesting titles for what can be, an embarrassing topic:

  • Tube abuse: a rectal foreign body presenting as chest pain.
  • Genital foreign bodies: more than the eye can see.
  • Rectal impaction following enema with concrete mix.
  • A cork in a bottle–a simple technique for removal of a rectal foreign body.
  • Rectal salami.

Shaving cream can in rectum
Shaving cream can

Foreign rectal body coke bottle
Coke bottle