Visualizing childbirth has never been so exciting. Nucleus Medical Art, a medical illustration, animation and interactive media company, created this beautiful animation, which has quickly become the most popular medical animation on YouTube. Within the first day of being posted it received over 10,000 views. Since then it has been viewed over 670,000 times on YouTube and over 1,500,000 times on the company’s web site in the past year alone.

So what makes this animation so popular? Its simplicity and gracefulness. It focuses solely on the baby, the uterus, and the spine. And yet, you still get a sense of the struggle, the inherent pain, and the overall complexity of childbirth. I just can’t get broken down any further.

I asked the CEO and Co-Founder of Nucleus Medical Art, Ron Collins, if the popularity of the animation on YouTube has resulted in any direct business or if it has been a worthwhile marketing tool.

He says, “We upload animations to YouTube as part of an overall strategy of improving our web presence. We’ve tracked over 2,000 clickthroughs from our YouTube animations since we put them up six months ago, and at least one direct inquiry that led to a licensing deal. When you consider we’ve had over 1,000,000 total views of our animations, that’s only 2/10th of 1 percent.

Even though virtually all of the traffic has been from non-customers, there is a benefit to having a link back to our home page, and there might be a benefit to showing customers the number of views the medical animations garner on YouTube as a way to let clients see how intrinsically popular the animations are.”

Ron brings up a great point by mentioning that he uses the number of views as evidence of popularity when showing clients. If the general public on the web finds your animation interesting, you can be sure that your client’s audience will also find it interesting.

Placing your medical animation or demo reel on such huge social sites like YouTube opens it up to critique by the whole world. It sounds a bit daunting, but with so few medical animations present on these sites, you can be sure it will be viewed.

Hopefully there will be a YouTube-like site dedicated to medical animation someday. Maybe that will be my next project. Just a thought!