September, 2007

30 Secret Photoshop Shortcuts from

You may know some of these or you may know none, but chances are you don’t know them all! I...

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Can X-ray’s Sell Jeans?+

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific, Singapore “Reconstructed is the new Fall/Winter 07 print campaign for Levi’s Copper Jeans. Much...

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Ever Wonder why you get a Hangover after a Night of Drinking?+

This is part of the new documentary entitled “Inside the Living Body” on the National Geographic Channel. It premiered last...

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“I don’t like Wearing a Helmet, it Ruins my Hair”+

This is the headline of one of the hard-hitting public awareness advertisements that the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation launched in...

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She’s a Medical Illustrator AND a Tattoo Artist+

She’s Marie Sena. Originally from Santa Fe, New Mexico, Marie received her Master’s degree in Biomedical Communication from the University...

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If you have hallucinations…you might have FAMILIAL FATAL INSOMNIA+

That’s just one out of over 300 deadly maladies in the new book by Knock Knock, called “The Complete Manual...

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Football on the Brain+

It’s official, football season has begun! [from Chicago Sports Weekly]

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More anatomical Paraphernalia!+

Lately I’ve been intrigued and excited by the amount of anatomical products out there, from t-shirts to tiny anatomical model...

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Medical animation on the NBC news+

Medical animation is slowly breaking into the mainstream media thanks to the famous “Inner Life of the Cell” animation. This...

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Interlude: Medical Visual+

Surreal kidneys. via Luck Devil 7

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A thong, a toe, and a screw…does not always equal a good time+

FYI, thongs are flip-flops, it’s an Australian term. Clearly the flip-flop could not be removed for the x-ray. Despite the...

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